0 – 3 Year Olds

Do you often look at your little one and wonder where their fabulous imagination comes from? How do they come up with all those fantastic ideas? This beautifully illustrated personalised book places them at the centre of a story that celebrates that wonderful imagination.


3 – 6 Year Olds

Is your child blessed with a wonderfully creative mind? As they grow, so do their imaginations. This beautifully illustrated personalised book makes them the hero, and gives their budding personalities a boost.


6 – 10 Year Olds

Imagination is a wonderful thing, and your child has masses of it. You love the unique way they look at the world, and you want to celebrate that. This beautifully illustrated personalised book puts them right at its centre, making them the hero of the story.


These bright and colourful personalised books place the child at the centre of the story, making them endearing gifts. Not only is the child’s name mentioned many times throughout the text, each unique theme introduces little details relevant to their lives. The books have been created to engage specific age groups, and a choice of positive themes allows the gift giver a chance to mirror the child’s changing personality, so that they become a memoir of the child’s early life. The stories are short and simple, and this makes them easy to fit into the rushed bedtime routine. Or, if time is not an issue, they can be used to teach colours, counting, memory skills, or encourage early readers to explore new words. The accompanying fabric bag and small durable format makes them easy to pack and very outing friendly.

Product details:

  • Stories are personalised by using the child’s name and other unique details.
  • Stories are age specific: 0-3, 3-6, and 6-10 years old.
  • Several positive themes available.
  • Short and simple stories fit into any bedtime routine.
  • Manageable size: 21cm x 21cm soft cover format.
  • Durable laminated covers and good quality paper.
  • Fabric carry bag.
  • Optional colouring book.
  • Special occasion personalised books make birthdays and Christmas even more memorable.