What is Beautiful Stories?

How do you make your child feel extra special? Read them a story where they are the main character.

Who are we?

Bernadete (Bern) and Sandra (Sands) are longtime friends who decided that they wanted to start a business together. We were both raised with traditional Portuguese values, and growing up we spent summers together, swimming and playing at Sand’s house.

As is normal in most Portuguese households, we both worked in our family’s businesses on weekends and during school holidays. Now, years later, we are both married and are moms to beautiful children. We loved the idea of creating something that would complement our children’s unique personalities, and having them feature as the main character in a story felt perfect. So, inspired by the idea of momtrepreneurs, we researched and interviewed, and decided to use local talent and locally sourced manufacturers to create something that we would be proud to present to their own children as a precious memory of their childhoods. And, this is the story of how Beautiful Stories was born.

“We, as moms, absolutely loved the idea of having our kids read a book about themselves.” – Sandra

“We wanted all our books to portray a positive message.” – Bernie

About Us

At Beautiful Stories we want your child to be the centre of attention in a story that complements their unique personality. Let us make your precious child feel like a hero in their own story. We know that each child is different in the way they think and behave, and that as they grow, so their personalities evolve too.

Apart from having multiple and diverse themes to choose from, our stories also expand on each theme by having different texts for specific age groups, so that as your child grows you can give them books that grow with them too. We are constantly adding new stories to our themed ranges, and have exciting stand-alone stories that span all age groups.

Our stories are fun for both mom and dad to read, and are simple enough for you child’s growing mind to memorise and ‘read along’ with you. And, we know that as much as we enjoyed creating our Beautiful Stories, your child will love being the main character in their own.